Skeberis S.A. is active in the area of trade and distribution.

skeberis_1The center of Skeberis S.A. activities is located in its proprietary facilities in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki (Sindos), an area of 25.600 square meters and a warehouse of 10,000 square meters. The center of operations of Skeberis S.A. is located near the Thessaloniki harbor and near the automotive and railway axis and consequently near the developing markets of the Balkans. The site of Skeberis S.A. is equipped with a full packaging line and silo tanks. The capacity of the site is 25MT/hour. Bulk, octabins and big bags can be handled inbound and outbound. The whole site is operating under bonded warehouse status (either for our usage or on behalf of third parties). Our colleagues have been cooperating with many multinational companies, and they are familiar with procedures on safety precautions and other measures. Also Skeberis S.A. is operating a warehouse in Aspropyrgos (Athens) for customers in Southern Greece.

Aspropyrgos site is situated in a 10.000 square meters plot and has 4000 square meters covered. The warehouse is in Thriasio, near the new multimodal site of OSE and very close to the Ikonion port of Piraeus. Skeberis S.A. has been accredited with ISO 9001 for the activities trade and distribution of raw materials for plastics; production and design of plastics compounds and recycling of plastic packagings. Also, Skeberis S.A. has been accredited under SQAS.

The goal of Skeberis S.A. is and always remains the effective distribution of raw materials and plastic to the corresponding industries.